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Clutch Services in Gig Harbor, WA

Engage Smoothly with Mackert Automotive! Your vehicle's clutch is the vital link between the engine and transmission, enabling seamless gear changes and smooth acceleration. At Mackert, we specialize in expert clutch servicing to ensure optimal performance and longevity of this essential component.

Our highly skilled technicians utilize advanced diagnostic tools and extensive experience to inspect and maintain all aspects of your vehicle's clutch system, including:

  • Clutch Disc: Transfers power from the engine to the transmission via friction material sandwiched between metal plates.
  • Pressure Plate: Applies pressure to the clutch disc against the flywheel to engage or disengage the transmission.
  • Throwout Bearing: Facilitates smooth engagement and disengagement of the clutch by releasing pressure on the clutch fork.
  • Clutch Fork: Transfers motion from the clutch pedal to the pressure plate, allowing for clutch engagement.
  • Pilot Bearing/Bushing: Supports and aligns the transmission input shaft with the engine crankshaft.
  • Hydraulic System (for hydraulic clutches): Utilizes hydraulic pressure to engage and disengage the clutch, ensuring precise operation.

Whether it's diagnosing clutch slippage, addressing clutch chatter, or performing routine maintenance, we're equipped to handle all your clutch needs. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality mean you can trust Mackert Automotive to keep your clutch operating smoothly and reliably.

Drive confidently knowing your clutch is in expert hands. Experience seamless engagement and reliable performance with Mackert Automotive today

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